Printable Calendar 2017

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The is ok - I should have expected, since it was not laminated that it would come a bit beat up. It was packaged well, but the edges of the paper were chewed up - to the point that it was not fixable. The top and bottom edges have a metal sleeve on them - making the calendar hang well and protecting the top and bottom - so that was nice. Next time I will spend the few extra bucks and get the laminated one, and I think you should too. Academic calendars are subject to change without notice. The University reserves the right to revise or change rules, charges, fees, schedules, courses, requirements for degrees, and other regulations affecting students including, but not limited to, evaluation standards, whenever considered necessary or desirable. The University reserves the right to cancel any course for insufficient registration and to phase out any program. Registration by a student signifies an agreement to comply with all regulations of the University.About Print a printable 2017 calendar.